I woke up today with my intuition being a bit too strong for me. I’ve tried ignoring it but I finally gave in, it was telling me “GO OUTSIDE!”. But where? No answer…

So I’ve decided to get dressed and prayed to be guided wherever I am meant to go. Thank God it was a nice, sunny day that felt more like spring than autumn. My feet were taking me near the water again but my ego decided it’s time to stop and get a coffee (decaf one). There I was, happy with my coffee and followed my intuition and started strolling along the water. As soon as I found a place to sit and enjoy the day and the view I’ve started feeling that there was something in the air. I’ve suddenly realized it’s too quiet, no cars were driving by and I was close to a major boulevard. Hmmmmm….

And then it started. The silence of death. 

Story time 

Last year there was a huge fire in a club in Bucharest, where a concert was being enjoyed by young people. 64 of them died and it was a very sad story that led to protests and people enraged by how the system works and by the lack of safety when it comes to pubs/clubs/restaurants.

Today many people attended the march commemorating 1 year since the tragic events. And there I was, with my coffee, trying to understand what it’s happening and who all those people are. I am not good at guessing numbers but there were many of them (hundreds? a thousand?) and seeing a banner made me understand why they were there. 

I’ve watched them all walk along the other side of the river and I’ve started feeling like not being myself anymore. Being an empath around a death march is something that I wouldn’t recommend anyone. I could feel the sadness, I could feel the kids crying for their parents, the parents mourning their kids, the friends screaming to God, I could feel the souls that left not being able to rest. I’ve prayed for them to find peace and light and to leave this world behind. 

It felt to me like time has stopped, the silence was overwhelming, I could only hear the water and the birds in the sky. My body was there but I wasn’t, I’ve felt completely disconnected and I wanted to cry for the sadness those people were carrying. I’ve tried shielding myself in every light possible but it was too late. I’ve started feeling dizzy and even more offcentered. 

Eventually they passed and intuition told me it’s time for me to go home. I took a different route than usual because I still wanted to enjoy nature for a little bit, while hoping I will come back to my human self. That didn’t happen and I’ve started feeling even more like I wasn’t there, I didn’t feel like I was the one doing the walking and the pavement felt like clouds beneath my feet. Every sound the wind was making through the trees was pain to my ears.

 Close to home I’ve realized the crowd was still there and I needed to cross the street. There was no other way of doing it besides walking through the crowd. “Hmmm I can do this!” It only took me like 30 seconds to cross the street but it felt like an eternity, my vision got blurred and tripled (not double), my head felt like it was about to explode and my ears were hurting. It was a combination of pain all over and the impossibility to feel my body. Pray, pray, pray! Finally on the other side of the road I’ve decided to sit down and rest because I was too scared I would faint and break a bone or something. I thought it’s better to faint while sitting down lol

The walk home was excruciating, with many stops that helped me regain myself for a short while. Eventually I got home and I think it’s time for a nap. 

Well thank you intuition, I have no clue what today was about!
Rest In Peace gone souls!