It’s only been a day since I’ve attended the course about clairaudience and things are happening.

Only yesterday I’ve managed to work a bit with Reiki on my spiritual ears but today I was feeling too exhausted. I suddenly couldn’t keep my eyes open and that doesn’t usually happen to me, especially at that hour (it was around 10 pm). I gave in and went straight to bed, feeling sorry that I couldn’t work on the ears again.

I had all my new crystals cleaned and stuffed under the pillow and was ready to switch to dream land. 

It only took a couple of minutes and I’ve started hearing some buzzing and feeling pressure in my head, where I didn’t feel it before and suddenly there was this loud noise. It sounded like an airplane underwater (if that makes any sense) and it ended as suddenly as it started. I thought to myself “hmmmm airplanes? So close?” It didn’t make any sense to me because the noise was sounding like it was coming from inside my head. I’ve decided to let it go and try to fall asleep.
A few more minutes passed and I could hear clearly “Hellooooo Alex…” in a female voice that wasn’t mine, coming from inside my head again. I’ve jumped like someone electrocuted me and got goose bumps straight away. I must admit, it did freak me out.

Just wow, I never thought things will move this fast in this direction too. Now I have to run even faster to keep up with the changes. While running, I’m making sure I’m asking Divinity and my guardian angels to take the fear away from me. I want to hear them with an open heart.

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️