During the past couple of weeks I’ve notice that some people come back in my life, out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. I’ve counted 4 people so far, that I didn’t have any contact with for years and that are trying to reach me. I’ve said it before, I don’t do facebook/instagram/twitter/snap chat, I am not on any social network besides WordPress. So it’s kind of impossible for someone to reach me if they don’t have my phone number. I’ve also moved and that makes the job even more impossible.

Last evening I got a call from a friend that owns a shop. He told me that when he got at work yesterday and there was someone there, waiting for a couple of hours to talk to him. He was looking for me and even told my friend that he tried going at my old home and that he couldn’t find me. He gave my friend his number so I’ve sent this person a text today.

Apparently he just wants to say sorry for things that happened 2 years ago. Say what? It took me a great amount of effort to remember what he was talking about and this guy’s memory with details is amazing. He knew exactly where we’ve met, what I was wearing, and some things I’ve said. I know we both grew up in the same area of the city and I used to joke with him, about the possibilities of us meeting before, as kids. Today he said he is sure we’ve met when we were around 6 years old. The whole conversation was so confusing to me and I couldn’t understand much, besides the fact that he’s been looking for me for years and wants to meet.

I don’t think meeting is an option for me but even so, having people from the past returning in my life just like that is making me think. This was just one example but the rest are as random as this one.

I wonder how much all these have to do with the changes that are happening, with the karma cleansing that I spoke of before and with the lessons that each of us is supposed to learn? Or does it have to do with Reiki, since I’ve directed energy to my past, present and future relationships?

Anyway, I find it funny and can’t wait to see what other people will come back and for what reason.

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️