The father of one of my friends is terribly ill, fighting with the pain of cancer and struggling a lot to deal with it. Last week I woke up one morning after dreaming of my friend and her father. The dream didn’t hold too much information but it just didn’t feel right. So I’ve started worrying for them and called my friend. She told me she took the week off from work to spend time at home, with her father because he was not well at all.

I’ve spent that day struggling to meditate but her father kept popping in front of my eyes. I’ve tried and tried to relax and just let it go but instead, when I finally managed to relax I felt him tell me: “Tell her I love her, and that I am sorry she will be alone and that we didn’t keep the boy”. I thought it’s really weird, what boy? Was my imagination playing games on me? The whole experience left me with the feeling that her mother was supposed to carry another pregnancy but decided not to.

I’ve spent the week wondering about this vision I had, if I should tell my friend about it and how. I was worried I would make her hurt even more than she already is. I’ve been praying about this thing, to get guidance about what I should do and the same feeling was coming back at me: TELL HER!

Today she wanted to meet so I found the courage to tell her. She didn’t seem scared and didn’t call me a weirdo as I thought she would. Even more, she even confirmed that she knew from an uncle (her parents never confirmed or spoke about the subject) that her mother had another pregnancy. Obviously, I had no way of knowing how many pregnancies her mother had. The moment I’ve realized my vision was not just my imagination I could feel the chills, shivers and happiness. I know happiness is a word that has nothing to do with this context but it felt to me like I was doing the right thing, telling her what her father’s higher self told me during my meditation. 

And this is how today I’ve realized what happened during that vision and that I have connected with someone’s higher self without my intention, but just because he had a message for me to pass on to her.

I am blessed for experiencing this and being able to bring at least a bit of comfort to my friend during these tough times. I will keep praying for her and her family, hoping that they all find love and peace. God bless them! 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️