I’ve noticed that someone searched on my blog for the effects that alcohol could have on me. So I’ve decided to write a post about it since it’s something that might help others.

I will only write from my own point of view and I respect anyone that is willing or able to drink. Each of us is different so cheers for that!

How should I say this? Alcohol is poison for me right now.
I was never a heavy drinker. I usually had alcohol when I went out with friends to pubs/clubs. That happened once a month let’s say, sometimes less, other times more often. I also had times when I used to sit at home and have a few Bacardi Breezers (watermelon ones) just because that thing is so tasty. 

Anyhow, since all the changes took place in my life alcohol didn’t cross my mind once. I had people around me offering me drinks but, like never before, only the thought of it was making me sick. I can’t stand the smell of it anymore nor being around people that consume it for too long. So, it was easy for me to say no.

Now about the social side of it that involves going to pubs/clubs/parties. I used to love going out, I loved big places where people could dance and have fun. But…

Story time:

In June I’ve attended a Beyoncé concert in London. It was something I’ve always wanted to do so I got there very excited and happy. Everything was perfect until I found my seat. I got so ill that I barely stopped myself from vomiting and fainting, both at the same time. I’ve spent the time there feeling like that and hoping it will be over soon. I didn’t get to enjoy it at all. After leaving I was back to normal, and my illness disappeared suddenly and miraculously. Back then I was “the old me” so I got kind of angry at myself for being ill for the exact time the concert lasted. It has also left me wondering why it happened like that. Now I see that empath and concerts don’t do great (not me, at least) and the vibe her latest album has was not ok for me. Too much hate, extreme feminism to the point where it humiliates men and too much desire to get revenge.

I think this sums it all up, there isn’t much to say about my tolerance to alcohol right now, besides no,no, no. I have completely excluded alcohol and big parties. I chose very carefully the places that I go to now.

Hope I’ve helped the one looking for the answer to his/her search.

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️