Sighișoara is an amazing city situated in the heart of Romania, Transylvania region. It’s surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains so I think that says enough about the views you can find there. The history of the city started in the 12 century and by the looks of it, they have preserved it with love and devotion. Google can tell you more of the beautiful history and importance of this city.

I will only tell you that it’s so peaceful, filled with beautiful and colorful architecture, narrow streets and that every building has a story to tell. A life there wouldn’t  be enough for me.

But this weekend it was my second visit there. I will share with you some pictures I got, maybe it will convince you that it’s worth visiting. The weather wasn’t warm but nothing could stop the city from glowing. 

I’ve spent the weekend there in the company of many, many kids. By “coincidence”, let’s say, I have a friend that’s the number one target of bullies. She is 14, same as her colleagues and there was this opportunity  for me to join them in this short trip. No one wanted to share a room with her so I’ve decided to go and see what’s up with teenagers and teachers these days. 

I must say I came back home and took a break just to cry and let it all out. In two days I got to see how mean kids can be, how easy it is to break a kid’s heart, how funny it can be for some to call someone fat-stupid-slow-useless and so on. I’ve learnt that grown ups take part at the bullying by not stopping it, I’ve learnt that Romanian school is not what it used to be. 

I’ve spent the weekend sitting at tables with kids that could only play on their phone, show off with their latest gadgets, clothes, makeup and trips. 

I’ve seen my friend cry for the whole night after having a door shut in her face and got denied to play with the rest of the kids. I’ve  watched adults not giving a single second to try and change the situation. 

This weekend reminded me about some articles I was reading recently about the narcissistic type of humans. I’ve seen it all this weekend, they break and tear your soul, take your dignity and self love and turn it into self hate. They are able to make someone commit suicide and that is so sad to me. There was nothing I could have said to change the whole crowd, considering that I was an intruder to them. They didn’t pay much attention to my “scolding attempts” anyway. In the end I could only watch and hurt inside.

The whole experience left me wondering about how adults raise their kids, buying their love, letting them do and say as they wish, encouraging them to make fun of others for their “flaws”. It makes me wonder what can be done, what needs to be changed for these souls to find happiness again. Unfortunately I can’t figure it out…yet?!

Now on the positive side I can say that I’ve met some beautiful kids that lack guidance and I really hope they get it before it’s too late. Relating to this post I must say I was so happy to look some of them in the eyes. Compared to adults, more kids were able to look me in the eyes and just stare at me for a few seconds. “Well hello soul!”. They seemed quite curious about what was happening while looking me in the eyes, but they couldn’t name it. Each of them had their own beauty that was shadowed by their attempts to show off. If they only knew….

There were also two disabled kids and they were the ones I was drawn too, without me planning it or something. It was just natural and the way I was feeling next to them was pure happiness. We even had some beautiful conversations about random things and shared food. Isn’t that amazing? How pure these souls are? They don’t know what being mean is, they don’t know jealosy nor hate. 

Considering that so many doors are being opened to me by God this is my attempt on finding that one path and true mission, by trying everything that feels right in the start and slowly excluding the options until I am left with the winner. Maybe it’s not the best way of approaching my new life but trust me, it can be very confusing knowing so many new things, all at the same time. I’ve got to an important conclusion that will help me in my personal evolution from now on: 

1) I’m not ok around plenty of kids and I can’t shine any light. Instead I get darker and darker. Becoming a teacher is out of the question. I am sure it has a lot to do with me being an empath. Crowds make me feel like not being myself anymore.

2) I connect with disabled kids like I’ve never imagined. I am sorry, captain, for doubting the message. 

3) My light shines more on one-on-one connections and groups are definitely not my thing.

Now I’ll go and catch up on my sleep and meditations, I desperately need some time for myself. 

Enjoy the pictures because I sure loved taking them!

Feel loved and spread love ❤️