Have you ever thought about your possibilities? This subject just came to my mind today, after posting this a short while ago.

I used to have a friend (she was my best friend for a few years before awakening) that was more than unhappy with her life. It felt to her that every choice she made only pushed her deeper in her depression and more further away from any other possibilities. She was the same age as I am, 27, she finished medical school (believe be, I saw how much she struggled and what amount of work was needed). It wasn’t her idea to get into medical school, but her parents pushed her. They wanted to be proud of their baby girl, becoming a famous doctor in the biggest city in Romania. I am struggling to stop my ego from commenting on that. She had to sacrifice a lot during the 6 years that she was in school, so that she could afford living and studying. Years passed and she graduated. I was expecting her to be more happy than ever but I got to see an even more depressed side of her. “What am I going to do now?”. She didn’t feel like doing anything, medical school and the sacrifices she made tore her soul. 

Then, she decided she wants to see the world, she was having enough of doing what the others expected from her. She was going to become a flight attendant. That didn’t turn out well, with no experience or course finished on the topic she got rejected by all the companies. The whole experience lasted over a year, with her traveling from Dubai to Romania, spending plenty of money while trying to be hired. 

Needless to say the emotional state she was in at that moment. After that our friendship grew apart, for about a year. It was my decision, I couldn’t handle the negativity and soul killing life I was feeling with her anymore. She came back after that year and our friendship blossomed again. Now she was working for the Police. She seemed quite happy so I’ve assumed it’s safe for me to be around her again. More time has passed and things went downhill pretty fast. I’ve found out that her new job was paying her almost as good as a job at McDonald’s, which she found totally unfair considering the years of study. The money situation and lack of freedom was changing her.

She became even more depressed than ever, always angry, envious, jealous, frustrated, coursing, screaming and acting like a complete different person. I couldn’t believe where she was going and I wanted to slap the new person out of her so many times. But she was not the type to aknoledge her feelings so talking about them was out of the question. 

Things hit rock bottom for her when she got ill. Very ill…she had surgeries and spent all the saved up money on doctors. It felt like every possible disease was striking her. And yet she wondered why…Even worse she was a cancer suspect and completely refused to get any other check ups on that. 

By this time I was losing my hope, I was suffering along with her and feeling all that was going on with her. I remember one night, I’ve closed my eyes and prayed for her, to find love and peace and to give up on her Ego, because the rest will come naturally. Thank God for telepathy because she called right away, telling me all the things that I would have told her. It was the first and last time she spoke so open about her feelings. She knew she was miserable, mean, jealous, full of hate, unhappy etc. So I’ve said:

“I know…I couldn’t wait for you to realize it.”

“It feels like nothing can please me anymore, I hate my life, my work, people, everything is so dark.”

“Why don’t you change what’s making you so unhappy?”

And she said: “Change? How could I? I am too old, I can’t start my life all over at 27?!” 

I felt so sad for her and so hopeless, I felt like crying when I’ve heard that. I love her so much and her soul is beautiful, if she would only let it shine more often. The rest of the story is irrelevant but I’m hoping I’ve made my point.

How can people in their 20s think like this? Why are we missing the will to be happy, the courage to pursue our dreams, the need to explore what we enjoy doing? Why are people so lost and with no hope, living each day like they can’t wait to die so that they can get rid of this torture? Why do humans choose to look at the bad side of everything?  Who and what got us here? When did we loose our souls? 

So far during this human life I’ve only met one person that knows what he likes and it’s doing it for a job. He is not rich according to social standards I hear but his soul is happy. Funny, right? I would imagine more people work with passion and love. I find it sad that we separate the two: work and passions. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could all combine them? Everyone would feel so much happier and pleased, money wouldn’t be such a frustrating issue if we would work from our soul. I’ve always spent plenty of time day dreaming about this topic, what humans really love doing and how society would be if we would love our jobs. I will always keep my hopes high and I truly know, deep inside, that we will eventually get there. Until then, I am working on my patience (like today for example, while queueing and only having 2 people skip me since I didn’t throw myself on the counter, holding on for dear life, when my turn came). 

I think we have possibilities everywhere around us, if we would only stop and notice. 

Can you say that you love your job?

Feel loved and spread love! ❤