I feel empty, I feel weak,

Having no clue what I seek,

I feel like I belong to you,

Time flies by and so do you.

I feel like I’ve missed the chance

To be loved and now I glance

To the choices that I’ve made,

Silly me, what a mistake.

Deep inside I know true love

Loving you, like all above,

Was so hard at times for me

Letting go now cannot be.

It is hard to know I’m one

To feel like this and wind

Through my thoughts and all these feelings:

Guilt, remorse, love and pleadance.

I will always love you, dear,

Gotta let go now, I fear.

Gotta let you live the life

I couldn’t offer you this time.

I’m hurt again and cry

Wondering where did I hide

All my God and what I see

In the present time of being.

I wish I knew this all

Back then, when we were a whole,

Maybe things might have been better

Both of us living together.

But it’s too late now, you see,

I came back with modesty

Looking for the heart I used to know

Now there’s just echo, with dead glow. 

I know I’ve asked for much

After breaking all you’ve touched,

After letting you down so long,

Feeling empty, and less strong.

“Goodbye” now you hear,

A word that brings no tear

To your eye that’s all dried out

From the tears you used to hide.

“Goodbye” is the word we’re saying

Both of us, we can’t be blaming

Someone else for where we got,

To this point where we must stop. 

Note: I am pretty sure this poem belongs to my Reiki attunement, balancing every aspect of my life and healing everything so there is no point resisting it lol 

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️