I have never been the type to run (jog), it’s just not my thing. I’ve always felt awkward doing it and felt like every step forward would bring me nose done to the pavement. It’s not something natural for me, even though I would love to love it sometimes. I would rather stroll and admire the view instead of jog and feel like having 10 heart attacks per min.

But this time I am running like crazy, thank God it’s only metaphorical. I’m running to catch up with all the changes in my life, with all the messages I get, with all the new abilities I notice to have. I run each day and plan my life over and over again according to my new options. Everytime I think “That’s it!” something else happens and gets added to the plan. I would love to do so many things right now, from finishing writing the book, blogging, helping others with Reiki, becoming a volunteer to going back to school and have the master in psychology. Meanwhile I would attend so many courses and seminaries about everything and nothing. I would love taking singing and painting classes, even sculpting. I want to grow, I want my soul to be filled with joy by offering him what he needs. I’ve spent my life offering so little to my soul, not knowing what makes him happy. Now I am in the complete opposite situation, he likes so many things and my human side is having trouble keeping up. 

I pray each day to be guided to the activities that are best suited for my mission in this life. I also plan on having a brainstorming session with myself, write it all down and figure out what would make me even more happy than I already am. After all, how many things a day can one do?

Feel loved and spread ❤️