During the past couple of weeks I have been getting messages from my guides about a captain. I was supposed to ask him for guidance. I even saw a picture of him, being young and dressed in an army uniform. I kept wondering “Who is this man and why do I need to ask for guidance?” Days have passed and I kept getting more messages. First of all I’ve found out who he was. Harry Edwards, a person that I’ve never heard of before. Apparently he was having an important message to send me. 

Since dreaming is one of the ways that I get the messages, I went to bed one night, after praying for guidance, and had this beautiful, revealing dream.

I was walking around a huge building, frustrated that I couldn’t find the way out. Eventually got out of it and found myself standing in front of a huge military parade with the captain staring at me. It was for sure him, besides the looks, it gave me the energy that has let me know it’s him. He told me to start the speech. I’ve said “What? How? I don’t know anything about these things?” and he encouraged me “Don’t worry, you’ll do great.” The revelation came when I’ve started the speech by saying “Captain, I know that this is what you want me to do, work with disabled kids” end I woke up. This is how I got to receive part of my soul’s mission.

I find it amazing how much guidance comes to me through my dreams and that the ones carrying a message always happen right before awakening, so I can remember them clearly. 

Meanwhile I’ve ordered one of his books to start getting to know his human side and what he added to this world. The book arrived today and I am more than excited to see what he has for me. Maybe I should also get into his technique of spiritual healing? Only time will tell…

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️️