Mondays are starting to become so much more fun! I’ve been getting a lot of help and answers from my spiritual guides recently and the one I just got is related to the mission I have in this life. Besides writing a book about my childhood and my awakening I’ve been wondering where the place for me would be and where could I do as much good as possible. They were kind and helped me straight away with the answer: work with kids that have disabilities. The message came through a dream this time and I was so happy after waking up, I know for sure that it will make my soul grow of joy and I also know it’s not my imagination or mental desires kicking in. It’s the answer that I’ve been waiting for a couple of months.
Wow! What a great way to start a week! I’ll spend the next days digging into the subject and seeing what I can do. Any personal experiences with a related job would be appreciated since I have no idea what steps to follow.

Have an amazing week, just like the soul you carry! Feel loved and spread love ❤️