I’ve got this idea that I find very motivational and I think it would help everyone realize how special they really are. Life is all about love, to ourselves and others, so I’ll share this one with you, hoping you will do the same. Love must start from within, by loving ourselves we will be able to love anyone around us. I don’t intend to make this sound like I’m killing modesty, it’s rather an appreciation for the gifts that I have been given. Enjoy! 


I am creative 

I have a great sense of humor (dark humor is my best)

I am loyal in my relationships

I adore kids and animals

I don’t have a habit of being late

I can paint, sculpt, sing 

Colors are my friends

I am handy and I love fixing pretty much anything that gets broken around the house

I feel that I am one with the nature when I am around it

I am an empath and a lightworker

I’ve been blessed with so many chances in life 

I’m spiritual and honest about my beliefs

I am friendly and would help anyone 

I love loving 

I share

I am a great listener and advice giver

I can be serious when needed 

I adapt well in any social environment 

I have discovered the special connection with Divinity 

I prefer paper books instead of kindle or whatever

I am strong

I don’t hate or resent others

I’m not envious 

I can cook

I have a huge maternal instinct 

I am shy

I am diplomatic 

And last but not least, I love myself for being alive, because I’ve made it through 27 years! Yaaay! 

Dare trying this? Might make you realize what a beautiful person you are! Good luck! 

Feel loved and spread love ❤️ 

Source of picture: http://8tracks.com/chemicaldreamsx/gonna-love-myself-i-don-t-need-anybody-else