Last Saturday I was blessed to receive the Reiki Usui level 3 attunement and I’ve started my 21 days of self treatment. I’ve said it before, I used to have some experience with Reiki maybe 15 years ago but I didn’t dig too much into it. This time I’ve decided it’s part of my mission since my palms are so sensitive most of the times (Read more here)

Since my attunement and the few days of self treatment that I’ve done so far my palms feel like they are having a blast. More and more sensations are coming to them, even different ones than before. The rest of my body is also loving the energy, to the point that it gets me too energized. Maybe I should change the schedule and do my self treatment during the mornings, it would have more logic. I also get more clearance in the dreams that I get that carry a message and my communication with my spiritual guides is getting better and better. I have no idea if this is normal or not but I honestly feel like it’s working magic for me and accelerating and accentuating every good part of my life.

I am more than happy to have been attuned to level 3 at Reiki Usui and to be honest, I am even more excited about the Karuna one, that will come in the next few months hopefully. I have no idea why. 

I will be back with an update once I finish the 21 days. Until then…I would recommend Reiki Usui to anyone!

Feel loved and spread love ❤️

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