Days are passing and I get more amused at how the Universe (Multiverse?!) is working. I wake up every day thanking for being here and for having the opportunity to spread some light to the ones in need. I usually wonder what the day will bring to me but only the passing hours can offer me an answer. 

The most commun scenario is like this: me walking outside the house (walking the dog, running errands, walking in a park etc)+stranger approaching=light spreading

I’ve mentioned before that since my ascension more and more people come to me randomly and start talking about everything and nothing. I’ve heard more life stories in the past month than I’ve heard in my entire life. Everytime someone says a random “Hi” or asks me a simple question my soul is throwing a party. My soul knows too well that it’s time to shine and he is waiting for that eagerly. Conversations are usually fluid (mind me-my human side is shy) and I spend lots of time talking to people. Many wonder how old I am, why I am talking like an old person, where do I know all the things I tell them. If I could only let them know I’m just a channel for Divinity. How can you say to a stranger “You are meant to hear these things, that’s why you are talking to me.” I just smile with my body and soul and let them know that everything will be ok. 

Today for example I was walking to the market, craving some fruits. I felt the need to stop and admire the view (not of the market, but the river) so I’ve started looking for an empty bench. There weren’t many and everytime I was finding one there was this lady getting there before me, checking it out and moving to the next one. Then it was me, noticing the weeds and moving to the next one. So we both spent 5 minutes doing something that looked like I was copying every move she made. Then my souls said to me “Just sit down” so I gave in and chose the first bench I saw, still surrounded by weeds. I knew the lady was going to join, which she did (bingo!). We’ve spent some time talking (actually she was doing all the talking), I got to hear about her husband, her children, nephews, her eating habits, her holiday, her beliefs, her church and so on. After the talking was done she decided to come and join me at the market shopping which was more than useful for me. Having an older lady talk about food habits and things was really good (considering that I am still adapting to a new eating routine). At the end of our meeting we’ve exchanged numbers, hugged, she wanted to offer me a skirt (that was random) and she also invited me to her church on Sundays. I don’t know what to say about that but I do know I’ve spread some light listening to this lady today.

Just like her, there are many other people I meet everyday in circumstances that have no apparent logic for my mind, but they mean a lot to my soul. For that, I’ll always be greatful! 

Feel loved and spread love ❤️

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