This post is not meant to be a list of general symptoms. I only write about my personal experience with ascension knowing that others in need will find this post useful.

This time I will talk about the year of 2015 and 2016. I had no idea but many things were going on with me. I could honestly say it was one of my worst human times when I’ve experienced all my fears, multiplied by ten and many illnesses. Besides, my pattern that I was following with my relationships got ten times worse than ever. I had such a huge old karma to cleanse. Thinking back I could say “Silly me, how did I not notice what was happening?!”

The worst part of the before ascension symptoms was fear. I was so scared for more than a year. I was scared everytime I was in a car, thinking I could die, I was scared I will get ill and die, I was scared of my own shadow, I was scared of people, of animals, of terorist, of earthquake, of the end of the world, of staying alone in the house and the list has no ending. No wonder I thought there is something wrong with me having all those fears come out of nowhere (in my opinion back then). During the baddest moment I was even scared of myself and wondered if I’ll ever do something crazy since I felt so much like not being myself anymore. My biggest fear though was that I would get out of the house and get killed (that sounds crazy, right?). Unfortunately I was watching all the news with the terrorism attacks and it was getting at me pretty badly. I’ve spent some time watching the news and crying for the people there and wondered what went wrong with humanity? Where did we lose ourselves and what can be done to stop this hate? All those thoughts and feelings made me imagine a grim future, no more holidays, no more traveling and as little human contact as possible. 

Now add illness to the fear. Me being paranoid about getting ill didn’t help for sure so I was “blessed” with some problems I never had before. During that time I could feel my body age more and more each day. I remember telling everyone that I feel so old and that my body is not the same anymore. I could feel pain everywhere, I could barely get out of bed some days, I had headaches, hormonal imbalance, huge chest pains that got me to the ER, eye problems that almost left me blind and dental problems. Dealing with all that was nerve wrecking but somehow, I’ve done it.

My eating was also insane before my ascension. I had days when I couldn’t eat at all and others when I could rape a fridge, how I liked to say. I know that is a common problem for others unfortunately but it wasn’t for me a couple of years ago. I’ve stuffed myself with all the worst foods possible during that time.

Even before ascension I’ve started to leave behind some close friends. Back then I was so upset and confused about why things were happening like that but I am fortunate to know now. Pretty much every relationship I had was messed up, including the one with myself, my partner at that time, my family and my friends. 

Then my compassion and love were tested since my 92 years old grandpa decided it’s time to get very ill. He was in bed for a few weeks and he got to the point where he stopped eating and just laid there, waiting to die. I had no idea where my strength and patience came from so that I could look after him. I’ve spent those couple of weeks barely sleeping or eating and just looking after him. I really thought we were going to lose him but he survived and came back stronger and happier than ever (he treats his diabetes with wine and sweets now-what a life).

And the cherry on the cake was that I knew (I didn’t just believe it-I was sure) that I’ll be dying soon. I even started telling my mom that I feel like my end was close and I am surprised she didn’t slap me when she heard me talk like that. My friends were aware of this too but no one took me seriously. Deep inside I knew the end was near. There were too many unfortunate events happening, one after another. My body was letting me down more and more each day, my mind was having 10 breakdowns a day and my emotional side was killed long before. No wonder that during the night of my ascension (this one) and the days following I’ve felt like I’ve literally died and been reborn. It was a feeling that I cannot compare to anything else besides what it actually was: death and birth. Obviously my body didn’t die but it came back more healthy  and younger than ever.

These are some of the most important struggles I had to deal with behind ascension. Looking back, I can’t even imagine how bad my karma was since it needed all that to reset. I am blessed to have made it out alive and so happy! Now I’m here, on the happy side, waiting for others to ascend and trying to assist the ones in need. Please let me know of your symptoms if you relate to this. I love hearing other people’s stories.

Feel loved and spread love! ❤️

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