I’ve been listening to a beautiful song recently that I will link down below. Like the name says, “We keep waiting on the world to change”. And here I am, on a Friday evening, wondering why we choose to wait instead of act..

I know things in Romania are bad from many points of view, political, healthcare, money wise, education and pretty much nothing that is happening in Romania right now is done for the humans that inhabit the country. Now let’s think bigger, about all the things going wrong with Planet Earth. There is injustice everywhere around us, discrimination is dominant even up to the highest hierarchies of society, hunger and illness are taking lives, rage and violence are getting people killed and this list could be continued for ages. Meanwhile, there are plenty of us that disagree with how society has turned, to how we treat each other and to how we treat the planet itself. We spend hours watching the TV, getting infuriated with what we see. But most of the times we turn it off eventually, go to bed and let it all pass. “After all, we have work the next day and who cares about what we think? We are so small that we can’t change anything in this world.” I couldn’t disagree more. Imagine how many people think that they are too small to change the world. Easy math gets me to small+small+small+……..+small=BIG.

I have always been the one speaking out very loud about my principles and one of the most important of all is EQUALITY. I have missed many chances in my life because I couldn’t let people step on that principle, at least that’s what others around me said. I would never be happy having a benefit that would be obtained by defying EQUALITY. For example, I was never able to finish an assignment in school if I didn’t feel like all of us were treated equally. I’ve spent many years being enraged about how society works and how humans are being treated by other humans. I can’t tolerate it anymore and I suggest we should all start and make a change. Like I’ve said before, I think the best way we can start a change is to act with love and compassion ourselves. We can’t preach about something that we don’t believe in and that we don’t use as a guide to living our lives.

I think it is about time to stop moaning about all the bad things happening in the world and actually speak out and act like we feel. Get up from that couch, turn that TV off and make a difference. Every single one of us can do that and can help change the world. I don’t think there is anyone insignificant and small. Even going to the corner shop and smiling could change someone’s day. I feel sad seeing so many people that wear a straight face everyday when our soul is nothing but happiness. Why is it so hard for humans to show our soul instead of our Ego? I have so many questions running through my head right now so I will stop. For now…

I wish you all a motivated and happy weekend.

Feel loved and spread love ❤

Source of picture: http://www.westwardhousing.org.uk/equality-and-access