Winter’s knocking on the door

And I now get to see a whole

Of the seasons that were made

All in perfect, loving shape.

Spring for flowers to be born,

Trees and plants are all now shown

To the people feeling sad

For the winter that they had.

Summer comes then in no time 

Giving us a chance to shine.

Humans love spending their days

Under sun’s blessing rays.

Autumn’s here before you know it

Bringing cold and rain to pour it,

Bringing sadness to some people,

It’s a shame because it’s blissful. 

It’s the time right before winter

Both the seasons so you can mingle,

Spending time just with the shelves,

Of your life and higher self. 

Now I’m getting all mixed feelings

About seasons and you see this,

There is one thing I know right now:

They’re made as nature’s vow.

It’s a vow that can be broken 

Just by humans with a token,

Just by throwing all their dust

Up in universe as a blast.

Dust’s the one you have today

The one mudding all the ways

Of as humans as a race 

Stopping us from pure grace.

All the plastic you throw now

Might kill a bird somehow,

All the metals that you leave

Will sure destroy some leaves.

All the chemicals you eat

Through your mouths and with your wit,

All the fake that rules the world 

Which doesn’t let us evolve. 

We are here to make things right,

To stop eating all that’s in our hive, 

To stop wasting all the food

That others don’t have for good.

Some are starving now, you see,

While I’m in bed, writing poetry.

I just wish a word of mine

Could feed a whole tribe.

“Tribe sounds primitive”, you say,

Ok, think of it this way:

Major cities, just like mine

Got people that would commit a crime.

Being hungry is a burden 

That you’ll exchange for a murder,

People are able to kill

To remember how it feels

Going to bed at night,

Having home and dinner right,

Having family and just knowing

People love you without worrying

About life or just surviving,

Having shelter without hiding

From the nature’s way of saying:

It’s a blessing to be raining.

See now this is the point of this,

Showing humans how we miss

The importance of The Seasons,

Take for granted what we’re given.

Instead of making things right

We decide to just hide

The Reality from self and others

Lying that we live like brothers.