I have been talking about my ears that play games on me and how I  managed to understand what is going on with them here. This time I want to tell you about these two palms I have that are starting to feel different than before.

Let me start by saying that, as a kid, I have been taken by my mother to a Reiki class, the Usui type. I was so little and unaware of any of the things that I am aware of now. I remember the whole thing lasted for a few days, and we used to spend hours and hours at this lady that was teaching us about Reiki. We used to meditate every day and I remember how much fun I had walking through imaginary grass and wondering with my mind around the world. We only got our first level at Reiki Usui during those days and I know for sure that I didn’t want to continue with other levels. Why? Because, during our session of trying to see auras, I’ve started staring at a man that was there and I could see it, bright and full of colors, as a rainbow. No one else that was there was able to see anything so, me being the only one, scared me. I felt like an outcast, out of that picture and very uncomfortable. Everybody was excited for me but that is when I’ve decided that I had enough of that “nonsense” and that is when my mind took over my soul, situation that lasted until recently. I went home that evening and tried to see the aura of different people and plants by myself. Once again, it left me frightened. I was too little and too scared to pursue the path that was in front of me. 

Now back to current days. I’ve started having sensation in my palms during my meditations, about a month ago. Strong pressure in my left palm and a lighter one in my right one. I thought it’s just an impression for the first time but I soon got to the conclusion it can’t be any coincidence. So I’ve started focusing more on them and being aware of what I feel in my body. Soon the pressure turned into tingling, that has also increased in intensity with the days and sometimes, I get hot flashes through my palms too. So many new feelings and sensations for me that it’s still hard to understand what is going on.

During the past two weeks I would say, my palms got more intense than ever and I’ve started having sensations outside meditations too. There was one particular event that left me wondering what is happening. I was in the car, holding the phone with the GPS on, with my left hand. It was not my phone but I was guiding the driver. As soon as I held the phone I felt an intense pain and burning sensation in my palm. I thought the phone was hot so I’ve checked it with right hand. It wasn’t hot. “Ok, maybe it’s just me acting crazy.” so I’ve tried to continue the guiding. But it happened again, even stronger. So I’ve decided to put it down, as far as I could from my left hand. The pain was still there, just the burning sensation left. Unfortunately I had that sensation in my palm throughout the entire day and I couldn’t stop it. I’ve tried covering myself in light, praying, did my best to stop it (which isn’t much considering that I am so new to all this). Since this event, that took place last week, my palms got even more and more sensitive. Some days, I am so aware of it that I try to keep my left hand as far away as possible from everything, besides myself. Holding hands with someone, using my left hand, is another thing that would make the energy explode in a second. Yesterday, I was holding my crystals, getting ready to meditate and, as soon as I’ve picked them up, I could feel cold buzzes in my left palm. That was something new, first time I could feel a cold sensation and I wonder what type of energy I could feel. Even more, during the past two days, my feet are on fire, with tingling sensations too but only at times.  Thank God, I don’t want to start jumping in one foot while being out of the house!

I did a bit of research and read things that made plenty of sense to me: left hand receives energy while the right one emits. I have been talking to someone that is kind of guiding me with these changes that are happening and the person spoke about Reiki. That is when I’ve remember that I am a level one at Usui. Could it be that my channels are already open and I receive and emit Divine energy? She  recommended that I start over the Reiki class and get to level 3. I’ve said yes straight away. I have no clue if this is part of my mission or not, or maybe these are just symptoms of being awaken (I also get hot flashes and feel the energy and tingling all through my body sometimes). I will be back with an update as soon as things evolve (or not?). I must say I would appreciate any insight, ideas, comments or whatever is going through your minds while reading this.

Until then….. Feel loved and spread love! ❤