Exactly two months ago is when it all started. You can read more about it here and here. I had no clue that Earth is ascending, I have never heard of lightworkers and I didn’t believe in anything besides what I could see. I was even ignoring important bits that I could see and that would have brought me here faster. It’s been two beautiful months of bliss for me, first two months of my 3D life when I feel completely loved and able to love everyone and anyone. I had the best time of my life discovering so many things and opening so many doors that weren’t even there before. I know that the road ahead of me is long and windy but I am loving this ride.

I look back at the past two months and I can say that so many things have happened, it blows my mind. I now feel like I have reborn and that I am only two months old (yeah, I know, it sounds weird). My life has changed entirely on every single level and I will share with you some of the most important changes. 

The night of 29 July made me end a relationship that taught me the lessons I had to learn but also made me suffer a lot. That was my first change, ending my romance with the partner at the time.

Now I will start with a hint that I got at the end of July. I prayed one day to know who would stay by my side, as a new me and who would leave me. I got a dream straight away and it was a frightening one. I was loosing everybody besides 3 people. One was my mother and the other 2 were random, as I thought back there. That dream made me wake up crying and I was so hurt and shocked that I couldn’t understand why almost everybody would leave me, especially since the relationships I had with all of them were great. Time has passed and, exactly like it happened in the dream that I had, those people left my life. Some of them just vanished away and I’ve let them go but with others it was a bit harder. There were two people that I love deeply that I had to let go. I felt that we didn’t resonate at the same level anymore, I thought that our conversations were getting nowhere, I thought that having each other in our lives wasn’t bringing any good to anyone. Both of them thought I have changed in a bad way, that I have lost my mind with all this lightworker thing and ascension story that I have shared with them. I felt that something broke inside my soul when it comes to the connection I had with them two and I couldn’t go on, as much as I love them. It was hard to find my words and tell them my decision but after doing it, I felt so happy and released. I was also kind of feeling guilty for not feeling guilty, if that makes sense. I’ve made sure they knew how much I love them and that I will always be here. It was confusing for them that I can love and let go and they sure doubted my love. But, after all, I know, deep inside, that they will come back when the time is right for them and when they finish their healing and learning process. I know that I love their souls, not their bodies. The soul connection I have with someone will never go away and can’t be broken. Shame they don’t believe me…So that is one of the biggest part of my awakening, losing most of the people around me. It doesn’t make me sad or lonely because I know that I will eventually meet people that are on the same vibrational level as I am.

Another change that took place is my intolerance when it comes to conversations. You can find all the details here. I am not able to find pleasure in topics that I once loved. My hobbies have also changed and I am more drawn to art than ever. I have always been the artistic type but lacked the interest to pursue this passion. Now I see art everywhere and I am loving it. I take time singing (with my horrible voice), painting, making soap and pretty much creating anything I can.

Before my awakening I used to have a small business with an online shop. It was making me feel miserable, doing it just for the money, which wasn’t much either. I suddenly realized that I need to end it because there is a bigger plan waiting for me. And that is writing. The night of my first visions I knew exactly that writing is part of my mission. I knew I have to write a book (which I am doing) and I’ve also decided to start a blog. I have also received poems that I had to write. So anything that has to do with writing is pure happiness to me. I even started writing a book when I was a kid (funny, ah?) but, since I had my Journal brutally “raped and exposed” I gave up on my dream. Now I enjoy writing more than ever and I have a special connection with my guides when I write.

Goodbye 15 kilograms. This is the fat I carried with me for one year while I was ascending without knowing it. I lost it in less than a month without my intent or desire. It just happened naturally as my body was adjusting to everything.

Loving everybody. I know I am using big words but there are no other ones that can express how I feel. It was not my plan but I’ve suddenly started loving everyone and everything that is alive on this planet. It’s something that I am confused about, how I can love someone unconditionally, even if they don’t treat me morally or socially right. I sometimes wonder if I will be able to have a socially normal romantic relationship in the future but until then, I am loving the time I have with myself without worrying about that.

Food habits. There is a saying “some people eat to survive while others survive to eat”. I was the type that would survive to eat. I could eat at any hours, I loved my junk food, I loved meat and fries, I loved greasy food and I loved sweets and I deeply disliked vegetables. Weird enough I have started to crave vegetables and wake up needing some fruits or a salad. I didn’t plan to but I gave up on junk food and greasy food, my body can’t take it anymore. Giving up meat is something that I try doing but it’s a bit of a struggle. I have also given up alcohol  and other vices because by body can’t stand them anymore.

Smoking. I was and still am a heavy smoker but, like never before, there are days when I just don’t feel the need to smoke. It only happened a few times so far but I know that once my body finishes adjusting and I settle to a higher vibration, the need to smoke will completely be gone.

Sleeping. I love sleeping and it’s part of my recharging but now I feel the need to nap very often and I am also blessed with meaningful dreams that guide my way.

Meditating. Until not long ago I had no clue about meditation, what it means or what it is but I’ve slowly started to look for it, without knowing it. I was craving time alone, nor awake, nor asleep and I have slowly got to meditating. I have never thought it will be part of my daily schedule but it is and I am loving it. It’s one of the best times I have with myself, with my guides, with Divinity and with love. After almost every meditation I feel fully charged and able to move mountains just with love. I think this is the best change that happened to me since my awakening.

There are many other changes that took place in the past months, but writing them all would bring this post to no end. I have tried to mention the ones I am most grateful for . I am aware that many more changes will come and I will try to be as prepared as I can. I am thankful for everything that has happened to me, for all the changes that I have been offered and for the protection that I feel. I am looking forward to following my Divine mission with as much grace as possible.

Feel loved and spread love!  ❤

Source of picture: https://lamadrastra.wordpress.com/tag/step-mom/