Literally sick. Since my awakening I have started to reject more and more of the conversations that make me feel ill. I’ve observed which topics can cause different symptoms in my body and I know what to stay away from, at least until I become better at protecting myself from low vibrational conversations. 

I will start with naming some of my symptoms hoping that it will help others in their journey of ascension. When the conversation that I have with someone goes in a direction that is not on the same frequency as I am I get instantly exhausted. I would start yawning like a rude kid without being able to control it. I also get really restless and feel a huge urge to end the conversation straight away, which is obviously almost never possible. Sometimes I can get headaches, or feel a need to run as fast as I can and reset my energy. If the conversation doesn’t stop or if the topic isn’t changed I get frustrated and I can feel the discomfort slowly growing into annoyance. It even happened to me a few times, when my body couldn’t take it anymore, to rush in and say to the other person “Please, just stop! I just can’t listen anymore!” I got many strange looks and it’s hard for me to explain why I react like this to someone that has no clue about these things. I just gently try to make them see how unimportant their material worries are even I am taking the risk of making them think that I’ve lost my mind. Some days are ok for me, by that I mean I can somehow tolerate a bit of conversation that isn’t in my vibrational range, but other days my symptoms can get extreme and I try to stick to topics that are meaningful to my soul.

Now about the subjects that make my body react so badly. Money is the first one. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the importance of money and I never thought I would be annoyed by it but, since my awakening, I have noticed that money has moved to a whole other level for me. I am not ok having greedy conversations, about how to get a better job that will bring more money, about stressful plans and sacrifices one makes just for money or about giving up on something our soul would enjoy just to get financial benefits. I can’t stand listening anymore to people that tell me how successful they want to become, or how famous, or how many houses they want, how many cars, how many clothes. I think you can get an idea of what I mean.

I also strongly dislike conversations about politics, and just general world wide news and I avoid them at all cost. I am not ready for them, at least in this moment in my life. Right now, I don’t keep up with what is happening around the world at a 3D level and conversations about it make me feel uncomfortable. Talking about others in a mean or envious way makes me sick too. Knowing what others have bought, what business they have, who they had sex with, what they said or did makes me painfully ill. I don’t care knowing if the girl over there has horrible hair or shoes, if she looks like she is offering sex for money or whatever mean comments people make. I can not tolerate it anymore and I don’t feel any need to know those things.

Another thing that I have noticed is the reaction I have when people share with me their plans. Somehow, I know if their plan is according to the Divine plan that is waiting ahead for them. I think it has to do with claircognizance, when I listen to what people say and I get this feeling that it’s not meant for them and that it will not bring them happiness nor get them closer to their soul mission. But, hey, who am I to give advice on that? I just listen and keep these feelings for myself, since I strongly believe that each of us has his own way through lessons.

Looking back at my life before awakening I wonder how I got here? What divine force brought me here? I have never imagined I would feel unable to have random conversations with humans and I never thought I would be affected by it. I sometimes wonder if I will always feel like this or if I will some day be able to make it affect me less? Or will I just filter more and more the people that enter my life and that I vibrate with on the same level?

I hope that by sharing my experience others can relate and understand what is happening with all this awakening and ascension that Earth is going through. You are not alone, hang in there, things will become more and more bright.

Feel loved and spread love! ♥

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