I have died but now I’m back

Feeling good because I lack

All the fear I kept within,

It’s released and I’m pristine. 

I have died that night in summer

And I couldn’t be any calmer.

I’ve spent months waiting for this

Without knowing it’s a bliss.

I was scared of human life,

I was hiding in disguise, 

Pretending that I was happy

When instead I was just lucky.

Lucky to have died like this,

I am left covered in bliss

I’ve reborn that night again,

Once releasing all my pain.

My old me is dead for good

Hello new one, you’re the truth,

You are holding all the light

And you brought me back to life.

It’s my time to shine again 

I’m amused, it’s not to blame,

Realizing how I lived 

Being blind for all these years.