I took the weeekend off and planned a short trip to the lovely mountains that Romania was gifted with. I’ve managed to add another monastery  to my list of “churches that raise my vibration” and this one is located in Busteni. This city, Busteni, is situated in the central part of Romania at the bottom of Bucegi Mountains. Enough with geography and back to spirituality.

My accommodation isn’t in Busteni but I woke up today and decided to drive to Monastery Comarnic and visit the place since it’s not too far. The road leading to this place is made out of 251 stairs, through the woods. The few stops that helped me catch my breath gave me the perfect chances to take some great pictures. I wasn’t expecting that much beauty, good energy and animals, all in one place. The view was fantastic, with the clouded mountains raisiging up high, right behind the monastery. The place was pristine and very nicely looked after holding a serenity that is hard to find. Even the shouting of people nor the sound of cars could change the effect this monastery had on me.

Inside I was drawn to a beautiful painting oh Jesus and I got close enough to read a part of what was on it: I spread light! That’s was all I needed to have an instant boost of love and fill my light supply. I’ve spent a few minutes inside, talking to the Divinity and thanking for what we all have, love. That is what this place offered me, I was feeling so loved and so able to love!

I will share some pictures with you and now I regret not taking a picture of “I spread light”. I think I was lost in the moment and I knew I will always carry it in my soul and thought there is no need to have it in my phone too. I did take another picture of an image that caught my eye, that of  Archangel Michael, which is close to my soul too. I hope you will enjoy the pictures that you are about to see and get all the love you could get out of them!

Oh right, when I was walking out the gate and back to my car I checked my phone: 13:33. I knew He was there with me.

Feel loved and spread love ❤️