According to Wikipedia a Nuraghe is ” the main type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900 and 730 BCE. Today it has come to be the symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture, the Nuragic civilization.” You can find more about them here. I will tell you what I thought of the Nuraghe that I visited in Sardinia and what I found interesting about it.

The trip to a Nuraghe was one that I found especially exciting in Sardinia. The guide has told us that we were going to visit a place, that is around 4000 years old that and stands as a symbol for Sardnia. First off all, there are many stories about why they were build and, obviously I was interested by the spiritual one.


It took us a few hours to drive there from our hotel and the guide offered us a tour inside. I was surprised to notice that not everyone was interested but I was sure fascinated. Another thing that I found special is that Nuraghe were built just by adding stones on top of each other, with no other material used to bind them. I have been told that modern architects were trying to recreate a Nuraghe but the rocks started falling apart not long after they’ve finished the work. So, the guide said, it is still a bit confusing and fascinating how they were built. Outside of this Nuraghe there was a round “table” with “seats” and I could only imagine who was sitting there 4000 years before and why. Lovely imagination!

Once inside the energy changed, I didn’t find it creepy like others might have, considering that it was pretty dark through some corridors or chilly at times. This place was well ventilated for sure and built with perfection. Every stone that was used was perfectly placed for the next one to lie on top of it. I found the whole Nuraghe fascinating, architecturally and spiritually wise. I took some time away from the group and wondered around the dark corridors, trying to take in the energy of this place. Touching the walls was for sure making me feel a big shift in my energy but I was loving it.

The trip ended with some pictures taken from the top of the Nuraghe that was offering an impressive view.

Once back in the bus and about to drive off to our next stop I’ve started feeling ill, terribly ill. I was nauseous and could’t wait to get back to the hotel room. Unfortunately for me, there were around 4 more hours until we could get to the hotel room. I’ve spent those hours wondering what could be wrong with me, what I ate that was making me so sick and praying not to get even more ill, not until getting to my room at least. Pale and weak, while crawling out of the bus, I was surprised to notice that I wasn’t the only one feeling rough. That made me think. Getting to my room and having the illness suddenly disappear was making me think even more. I thought “Well maybe this place was holding indeed a lot of energy” like my mother said before. Silly me, not thinking to protect myself before visiting the Nuraghe. That’s one thing I recommend to any of you that plan to visit places high in energy: protect yourself in light and love.

That was one interesting trip that I had and I don’t regret going there, it was worth the 4 hours of nausea. I loved it and would go back anytime! I will share some pictures that I took and hopefully they will make you see the beauty of this place.

Feel loved and spread love!  ♥