My ears have been playing funny games on me during this year of 2016 and even more after my awakening as a conscious lightworker. They started acting weird around June, that’s when I’ve first realized something was different. I’ve spent a week in beautiful Spain at the start of June and I think that the sea has contributed a lot. Water is a miracle to me and I am sure it helped speed up my awakening. I was there with my mother (thing that is no coincidence- we didn’t go on a holiday together since 2006) and it happened many times for me to stand next to her and have the impression that she said something. Of course she wasn’t saying anything but I went “What?” for so many times during that week so she started giving me weird looks. At first I thought there must be some water in my ears but then worry started to grow on me. Eventually, deep inside I knew it was weird but I felt that I am ok and that I shouldn’t go see a doctor. I came back from the holiday and the symptoms have stopped. Only rarely now, I get the impression that I hear someone talk while they aren’t actually saying a word.

My awakening came in July and my ears started acting more crazy that ever. Back then I had no idea about the symptoms of awakening and it freaked me out to see that my body was not the same as it used to be. Beeping and humming were pretty rare to my ears but I kept having this pressure. At first I thought it must be the window that I always keep open, even while asleep. I’ve started sleeping with the window closed but the pressure in my ears was still as strong. Ok, what next? Cut down the coffee, still nothing happened. Change diet, nothing, cut down on smoking, the same. I was getting really worried about what was going on with my ears, my mind was trying to find reasons and excuses and I kept feeding this fear. Eventually I have accepted to live with pressure in my ears forever but I still couldn’t understand why it was happening at certain hours, especially at night.

And one night, while laying in bed, I’ve started feeling it again, stronger than ever. I really thought there was a vain about to pop in my head so I got up, checked the time on my phone and it was 3:33. “Funny.” I thought to myself. And then I had this vision. It started with a laugh at my fear about the pressure in my ears. And He said:

“You thought there is something wrong? Why is it so hard for you to listen?”

Pause. That day, while walking to the shop I have overheard a conversation that two women had. “You need to listen, even if you don’t like what is being said to you.” and it gave me the chills but it still wasn’t enough for me to make the connection.

Silly me, my guides were indeed trying to reach me through every possible channel but my Ego was going insane. I will detail about the rest of the things that have been transmitted to me during that vision in another post. I will keep this one related to the pressure in my ears.

Since that night I know that pressure in my ears means that some Divine Entity is trying to contact me and send me a message. It’s hard at times to stop whatever I am doing and lock myself in a quiet place and listen but, when I do get to listen, it’s amazing. Once the message has been passed to me my ears relax again. If I don’t manage to listen they would keep popping until I take a break and go into meditation. It was as easy at that and I find it funny now that I could be so oblivious to what was happening.

Funny and amazing, my own story about the pressure in my ears made me understand how loved we all are and that whoever is guiding us will not give up on us, no matter how hard we try to stop them. They will keep trying to find ways suited for us so that we can receive the Divine Love. I am blessed to have these ears and for the love that I am getting!

I hope my story will help other souls that are awakening and will make their Ego worry less. Transitioning is a huuuuge process that involves many physical changes. Time will eventually settle everything down.

Feel loved and spread love! ❤

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