Once the pain has gone forever

We can learn to love together

Love this planet, good or bad

It’s the house we always had.

Treat it with respect and cherish

If you don’t want it to vanish 

From this universe, that is so big

Where a tree is just a twig. 

Everything can look so small to you
But you should try feeling it too

Try forgetting how to think

Let yourself go and don’t blink. 

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the light
That shines so bright tonight

We can find it in ourselves

With some work and humble selves. 

We are here to do a mission
Don’t be scared, it a collisions 

With your inner pretty soul

That wants to become a whole.

Make a whole out of these things

Body, mind, soul and human beings

Turn it all in one for once

And you’ll feel the divine glance.

That is the message I’m sending today

Through these words, just read and pray 

Pray to find yourselves and others

Treat with love, respect, like brothers.

We are all equal in this world 

None has less or more to hold

While they exit this life for good

Taking nothing but the truth. 

Source of picture: http://maple.dnr.cornell.edu/kids/tree_sug.htm