I have been over analyzing everything during the past days, that’s one side effect of having lower vibrations recently. But I did get to one useful conclusion: I have noticed that, while being surrounded by people, I sometimes have thoughts that don’t actually belong to me. I am sure it must have something to do with being an empath (which means feeling someone’s else feelings), you can read more about that here. After wondering about these things I can also say that I am pretty sure it has to do with telepathy. I have indeed noticed that the way I am communicating by telepathy has changed. By that I mean good change, I can think or miss someone and they would call me straight away. That is just one example and I am still a bit confused since I can’t figure out if it’s me making them call me or me feeling their intention to call me as they are about to do it. But, I guess

that is just a small detail that I shouldn’t focus on. I chose to enjoy the new and increased ability and just take the good part of it but sometimes it hits me in a way that leaves me thinking.

I understand now that these things happened to me all my life and that I have always had many thoughts and feelings that belonged to the people surrounding me and I had no clue about it. If I only knew they were not my thoughts or cravings my awakening might have happened earlier.

During the past two months I have experienced more and more of these thoughts that belong to others. I had many fears during my flight to Italy from last week but, at the same time, I knew for sure that I was not the one being scared of airplanes or having bad scenarios. So I’ve tried to relax and use the “not my thoughts and feelings, please go away” method and it helped. It is a bit consuming and I need a lot of work to focus on that method but I am sure that time will help.

When I make eye contact with someone and get these random thoughts that don’t feel like being mine, I know for sure that there is something telepathically going on. For example, not long ago I was having lunch with some friends. There was a man there at the table, sitting right in front of me, part of the group. We didn’t have any type of relationship, I would just say acquaintances, he is around the same age as my father and I would never think of him in a sexual way. He started talking to me about something that I can’t remember and he raised his eyes and made contact with mine. Our eye contact lasted around 2 seconds and the thoughts hit me. I got this strong thought of something sexual. I knew straight away that it was not my thought, it didn’t belong to me and I would never see that person in that manner. I can say that it was my first time understanding right away that I can somehow receive thoughts that belong to someone else and I also understood that eye contact makes a huge difference. The second that I looked into his eyes the thought hit me.

This last example made me think of my past and the many similar situations that I have been in without even realizing it. I also understand why having eye contact is so important to me. I totally love making eye contact with the people that I am talking to and I find it so personal and intimate. I also crave desperately for people to look me in the eyes while they are talking to me but that is something hard to do for many. I have noticed that only few of the people that I know can make and keep eye contact with me and I wonder if it’s that way because, at some level, they feel vulnerable or exposed if they would look me in the eyes. Some of them have even told me that there is something in my eyes, like a spark that looks right through their soul. I have heard this years ago and I thought it’s one of those things people say to make conversation but now I understand that looking someone in the eyes it’s one of my ways of working as an empath and as a lightworker. 

So this is the conclusion I got to these days (I think the full moon helped me too): eye contact is very important in my mission as a lightworker and being able to make a difference between my thoughts and the thoughts that I get as an empath or by telepathy is very important. I have plenty of work to do but practice and spiritual help from my guides will get me there.

What about you? Do you know how important it is to look in someone’s eyes? Or do you tend to avoid it? I suggest trying it for a day and see how amazing you will feel.

Feel loved and spread love ♥

Source of picture: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2747131/Is-proof-humans-TELEPATHIC-powers-Two-men-4-600-miles-apart-send-messages-using-just-minds.html