That’s one of the  feelings I dislike the most. Having a week off was more than amazing because I’ve met some lovely people and got to enjoy nature but the down side of it is that I am left exhausted now. It’s hard being an empath and having a busy social life. Those two things don’t work well for me yet.

Being back home made me draw a line and think back of how I’ve felt this week. I got to understand again that my time alone is more than welcome, that it is a big part of my mission as a lightworker. How can I spread light when my supply is low? My meditations are a priority right now and I will take as many days off as needed until I am fully charged again. I miss silence, I miss not having any thoughts, I miss my crystals and meditations, I miss the aromatherapy, I miss my soul and I miss having my vibrations at the highest level.  I haven’t heard from my soul in a few days and I know it would love some rest right now.

I am looking forward to the next days that I will spend with myself. That’s the treat I desperately need and that I will offer myself.

Feel loved and spread love ❤