Apparently nature is better at connecting people than Nokia was back in the days. I’m blessed to notice the effect it has on me and especially on others. Coming here, to Italy, I was only hoping to raise my own vibrations. I never expected or hoped to meet wonderful people. Silly me, right? 

I’m so happy knowing that there are many others just like me, looking for that quiet part on the beach, staring at the waves and thinking about spirituality for example. 

The chills remind me every time that things are happening and that I am surrounded by love. Conversations that have nothing to do with shopping, cars, money, jobs make me so happy. I am happy to see that more and more people are awakening and that they are already starting to see life differently. 

It’s only been my third day here and I already know so many life stories and connected with so many beautiful souls. I am blessed for that. What’s next, because I can’t wait? 

Feel loved and spread love ❤️