Look at the picture and imagine this place at night, with no one else around you. It is hard to find a beach these days that’s nice and quiet and that will feed you with lots of good energy.

Tonight I’ve decided to leave my hotel room, leave the crowds behind, leave the restaurant and the laughs and go on the beach and find that quiet place. After receiving awkward looks from people wondering why I don’t stick around for longer to have a glass of vine and socialize I finally got up and left. I love socializing but I can  do it back home too. Now, I want the sea! My luck didn’t fail this time either and I’ve found serenity.

The sound of the waves is more than enough to feel happy. I’ve spent some time here by myself just listening to that and breathing in the clean air. Mountains to the sides and behind and the huuuuge sea in front of me. Not to mention the sky…. Have you ever tried doing this? 

Is there anything else I could wish for? 

Feel loved and spread love ❤️