I have always been a night owl and rarely managed to get important things done during the day. I have a saying that goes like this: “I survive during the day but I live during the night.” I’ve always got my best creative ideas at nigh and made all my life changing decisions from 2am to 4am. Those have always been my best hours.

But since my awakening everything has been even more intense. Most of my “meetings” with my spiritual guides happen at night and 3am has been the most intense hour in the past month. Night is so quiet, my meditations are always stronger then, my claircognizance is at it’s highest level, my guiding and the messages I get are more clear. All the guiding dreams that I get happen if I fall asleep once the sun rises. Isn’t that weird? 

I love my nights, the ones I spend feeling energies and communicating with my guides but it’s hard to combine the human life with this schedule. Sometimes I am stuck between the decision of switching to a “normal” sleep schedule and sticking to my natural state. 

These are just some human thoughts that I have while on a nice beach. I’ve got here today and I am hoping to increase my vibrations and connect even more to my higher self and with the nature. I know that this week that I am about to spend here is going to boost my energy level and bring back even more light. Fingers crossed for that! 

Feel loved and spread love ❤