Find the door that’s never closed, 

Try and sneak in with your thoughts, 

Let them enter and you’ll see

What’s behind it’s majesty.

Go within and let yourself 

Find the honest things you tell 

To yourself and those around you,

Sit and let the truth surround you. 
Take your time and think of things 

That usually make people wince,

Let them grow on you today 

And you’ll see things like a whole.
Understand the past you’ve lived,

Know that things will come and show
The right way of forgiving,

Letting go and to start living.
Let your thoughts walk through the door,

Drop them in, right on the floor.

Now get up and walk you’re way back

To a life you never had.
Feel so light without the baggage 

That you’ve left inside the luggage

That is laying in the room 

Behind that door, in front of you.
Leave your worries and the thoughts

Laying there because, at least

It’s your time to move things on,

Meet yourself and and be the one.

Slam the door upon your leaving

Know that you are now healing

From the things you’ve never knew 

That you carry inside you.