Being hurt, alone, ill, broke, angry, left behind, close to death or just being in a bad moment during this life is making people look up to the sky and scream: “WHY ME?” We tend to get angry with God. “I am a good person. I have done this and that, I forgive and help others and you still do this to me? What did I do to deserve this?”

Let me tell you my opinion on that. First of all I have noticed that many people turn to Divinity only when in trouble, only to cry for help. I think an important part of the relationship we have with anyone that is up there, is sharing the good moments too. Thank and be grateful for every little thing that is happening to us, talk to your Divinity or Spiritual Guide like you talk to your friends, sharing both good and bad. That is part of us being grateful. Should I also suggest making a daily list of 5 things you are grateful for? Google is full of advice but some of them can do magic. Being aware of the things you are grateful for (from thin air to a new job) can help you focus on the positive parts of this life. it can make you see that it can be so much worse than it is, even in your darkest moments.

Now second of all, the belief I’ve always had in me and that cumulated with my newly discovered knowings is KARMA. I will not try to persuade anyone and make them believe the same things as I do but I will share with you my view on these things. I do believe in reincarnation and Karma, and I do it very strongly. I believe that our soul that we have today, might be in his first trip here, at the end of a long journey of trips or in the middle of it’s growing. I believe that every life that is given to us has a purpose that is related to learning and loving. Only when we learn all the lessons that will make us shine bright and be “full of light” (and only light) we will be able to transcend to a higher and more beautiful level. Call it Heaven or just a place full of love and light, it’s the same to me. It takes many lives to get there and many lessons that need to be lived and learned. Have you noticed that sometimes, the same typology of people appear in our life? Have you ever wondered why? Try thinking of that, as honest as you can be with yourself, and maybe you will notice the pattern, the mistakes you have made, or the things that you missed back then. I think that people carrying similar soul patterns are sent to us over and over again until we learn whatever it is to learn (that happened to me for sure). I also believe that an action that you might have done in another life can still affect this one. Not knowing it (let’s be real, how many people believe in this and actually know what happened to them in past lives?), not letting it go, not forgiving the past can bring you in bad places in the current life.

Another thing that I think helps make a huge difference is knowing that we all have our spiritual guides or guardian angels. We had them since forever and they never left our side. They might have rolled their eyes at times or face palm themselves watching our lives but they never left and never will. Nothing that we can’t carry or deal with is given to us. In your lowest moment try connecting with them and asking for help. They are there to help and all we need to do is ask. They will not stomp into our human lives and change it without us having the intention of changing things. They can hear our wishes or prayers and they can communicate with us. Some people need lots of work to “meet” them and understand the messages, others just have a natural talent. But practice will get you there if you are deeply connected to your higher self and if your intentions are good and full of love.

Last but not least I will tell you the importance that I think forgiving has. I’ve always said that I don’t have any regrets about my past, which can sound very cruel (considering that many have suffered because of me) but it’s also very true. I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t be here today without my past and they wouldn’t be wherever they are, without being hurt at some moment. That’s another belief that I have carried with me during this entire life. It was my own natural way of forgiving others and also forgiving myself. I was never angry with myself, rather disappointed at times (because of the people’s pressure not because of my own expectation from myself). I  was never the type to end a relationship, any kind of relationship, and become enemies or hate that person. Yes, there were angry times after the end of any relationship, but without intention I’ve always moved on and looked back with a lot of love at the people that once were in my life. Yes, they’ve hurt me too but I still love them (that sounds like preaching but I can’t find any better words to describe reality). I have always kept an eye on the people that used to be in my past, from distance most of the times, and felt plenty of joy seeing that they are in the place they wanted to be or at least closer to it (that also has to do with my lightoworker “job”). I think all this pattern is related with forgiving myself and others, which is so important. We all make mistakes, we all have “stupid” moments, we all get angry and say mean things but none of that will make us less Divine or less loving. We all carry the ability to love unconditionally but the mind keeps blocking it at times. Our souls don’t hate, don’t get angry, don’t feel guilt and can’t be jealous. They are made out of love. Try reconnecting with that part of you and start the beautiful journey of “forgiving and letting go”. Maybe even try reading this for an easy start How to kill your Ego?

To end this post and resume all my thoughts I will say that every event that happens in our life is there for a reason and every person that we meet has a a big role to play in our growing. Even the darkest times have rays of light if you look in the right places. Even our worst human experiences will eventually turn into something good. It might seem horrible living those experiences, it might make you feel like you did nothing to deserve them but in the end you will be wiser, you will carry more love and maybe another lesson learnt. 

Work on your Soul, feel and live according to it and life will reward you with the best things possible. 

Feel loved and spread love! ♥

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