I have always been against religion. I don’t think faith needs religions to be socially accepted. I don’t think there is any good or bad about faith like it is with religions. So many names for God, so many stories and so many wars starting for the same reason: religion. That was never my thing. I was never a church fan and my mother always tried to convince me to go to church more often than once every 2 years. “Why mom, I have my own faith and beliefs?”

I have been taken to different trips that included churches and monasteries but I visit them as monumental buildings, not the way I’ve seen most of the people do it, full of hope and devotion. During my entire life I have found only one monastery that can make me feel something. This one is in Bucharest, actually close to where I live and I go there whenever I feel my light supply is low and  that I need charging. I would just go and sit there for a while, and admire the paint work and the architecture of the place. It has nice vibrations that work perfectly with mine. I truly feel that this place is an open door between humans and Divinity. More on that another time.

But today I went to visit some family friends that live outside Bucharest, close to two monasteries. I will name them just in case any of you think about visiting the places: Monastery Cernica and Monastery Pasarea. Me and my friends visited both of them today and I have been nicely impressed. The vibe is not as strong as the one from the place I usually go to but it was a nice experience. A very clean place, like all monasteries, I assume, with lots of art work done and lots of nature, which is always good. I’ve spent hours staring at the paintings, at the trees, at the stray dogs and all the flowers. It is a place that can recharge you just by being surrounded by nature and my favorite part, water. Water does the trick for me! Besides that, both of the places are pretty old, which is another thing that raises my vibrations. I have also been disappointed today and had my beliefs about religion grow even stronger on me but I will not detail on that. Let’s stay on the positive side of everything. I am thinking about going back there someday and see if I feel a bigger connection without having any friends around me, rushing me or talking to me at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having them with me but I need my own peace and silence to connect with…anything (people, places, objects, animals, nature and so on) and to actually be able to get the real vibe of the place.

I want to share with you some pictures, just so you can have a glimpse of this beautiful place in Romania. I hope you enjoy! ♥