Being an empath can be no fun sometimes, many times actually. I have always been gifted with huge empathy for people but since I’ve been aware of my mission as a lightworker things have changed. Not only that I can get physically ill, exhausted but I sometimes get blurry and double vision too. It’s a rough “skill” to have and you need to deal with it carefully. The first step is acknowledging it. 

Throughout my entire life I have always been aware of people’s emotions and sometimes even thoughts, without realizing it. I used to spend time in places or people’s company and get angry or ill for no apparent reason. I’ve always thought there must be something about me but I could never make the pieces of the puzzle fit. So I kept living my day to day life ignoring my “moods” as I used to call them.

But now, being aware of my job as a lightworker, I understand how these things work. I am aware when my mood is changing and I pretty much know every time why that is happening. Sometimes there could be a place that doesn’t feel right for me and I count the minutes to leaving. When I am in a place with low vibrations like that I can feel it straight away and I feel pushed to leave, to go outside and take some air and settle my energies. Being in a crowded place is sometimes hard and can make one feel lonely and isolated. That is not my case though because I love my own company and loneliness is very comforting for me.

When it comes to dealing with people that have a low vibration it’s so much harder. For example, a few weeks ago I went for lunch with a good friend of mine. The waiter came and took our order and everything was fine for half an hour. Then, a waitress came to change out ashtray. Without thinking of it I’ve pulled myself away when she approached and I’ve tried to put myself at the biggest distance possible from her (which wasn’t a a big one since I was sitting on a chair). I am sure that if someone looked, they would think that either I am crazy or she had some transmittable disease. I soon realized what I just did and acted like I was trying to find a more comfortable position. While she kept walking past our table several times I could feel this huge flow of energy that was making me more than uncomfortable and eager to leave. I kept saying things in my mind, praying I could stop the energy flowing away from me but it didn’t help at all. Our lunch was short and my meal was untouched because I got nauseous and dizzy and couldn’t care about anything else but leaving. As soon as I went home and I sat down with myself for a bit my energy was back to me and stayed there for the rest of the day.

I know which of my friends bring my vibrations down in a second, just with their presence. I have “lost” many of them during the past year (since the awakening was knocking on the door that I wouldn’t open) and even more since 29 July- the first day of my life as a conscious lightworker. I will write about that another time. But the friends that I still have put me down at times. Even the high vibration friends have their days when they are low, just like anyone else. What I find funny or a bit frustrating is that they have no clue about these things, about what a vibration means and how it can affect them or others. Most of my friends don’t even believe any of the things that I am experiencing. We go out once in a while and I would know exactly how they feel, even before meeting them. Speaking on the phone with them and arranging the meeting will make me know what their mood is like or what is happening to them. The most “annoying” thing is that many people act like they are ok but unfortunately I can tell the opposite. It’s a funny saying that goes like this “Empaths are lie detectors.” which is so true and can get one angry at times. I’ve managed to overcome that anger and not let the lies affect me. I got to the conclusion that no one needs to be honest about their feelings if they don’t want to, it’s their own personal choice and I can not change that. Yes I can feel exactly what they are feeling or thinking but that doesn’t oblige them to admit the truth. When hearing an emotional lie I smile politely and look into the person’s eye. Sometimes they stop and switch to the truth but most of the times they just avoid my stare and keep the lie going. That’s fine with me but the hard part is giving an advice based on a lie, which I avoid doing. I can’t be honest and share my true thoughts and opinions on a story that I know it’s not true. I would just try to end the subject with something neutral like: “I don’t know what to say, I can’t give you any advice. You do whatever makes you happy.” In the past month I have been spending less and less time around people and I’ve been choosing very carefully the people that surround me. I take days off to recharge and get the flow of energy back into normal.

I get sad when people around me are sad, I cry with them when they cry and I am over the top with excitement when they share something positive. Anger is the feeling that I dislike the most and that gets me in no time. Having angry people around me will put me in a very bad place and it takes me a lot of time, even days to recover. That’s why I have decided to avoid anger by all means. Besides avoiding angry people, situations or places, watching the news or some particular shows/movies is something that I stay away from (I would truly appreciate your ideas about positive movies or shows that you watch).

 I have been told that my emotions are similar to a child’s emotions. No wonder, I live intensely through the people around me and my emotions get extreme. Sometimes I can get so excited over silly or childish things and it’s awkward to see that, out of a group of people, I am the only one reacting like that. That is my soul, living happiness and love at his best and I would never try and change that. Even an image, a sound, a memory or someone’s else laugh can trigger that excitement in me and it’s one of the best things that you get as an empath. Having many lows, being an empath comes with great highs too. It’s up to each individual to find which are his lows and his highs and only “practice” will give you the answer. 

I am working on finding ways to protect myself but apparently it is a lot of hard work. I hope my story will be helpful for others, just in case you feel moody too for no reasons. Yes, women can be moody at times but not always without a reason. Let me know if you have some advice for me on how to protect myself from low vibrations that are all around us.

Feel loved and spread love ♥

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