Spiritual awakening was something I didn’t ask for but for a reason that I will detail about in another post, I was blessed to receive anyway. And what an amazing journey I had so far. I sometimes feel like I am traveling with the speed of light through the universe while observing everything that is around me and while I am having more and more knowledge being downloaded. This awakening can be confusing for people like me, that had no idea about anything that has to do with the topic. So, my lovely Guardian Angel made sure I am less confused so I can focus on working on my personal mission. That’s why he guided me and still does, by “telling” me the things that would help me raise my vibration. These are not things that I’ve googled or that might work for everybody else. It is just a personal experience that I love sharing with you.


Sometimes I recieve many signs to listen to some specific songs that might look like a complete random choice. A genre of music that I’ve never listened to before. I play in on repeat (yeah, I know that is annoying) and I listen to it and let it do the work until there is nothing else for me to take out of it. And then, there are other songs that are sent and so on.


I am pushed to read articles or books that, again, I never knew existed and that I never thought of. Somehow I manage to get my hands on the exact books or articles that are sent to me. Since my awakening took place I’ve been reading loads of things, from so many different styles. Sometimes I recieve this signs by having random pages open on my phone, like adverts that carry even a word that is meant for me. That word is the tiny door opening the “other world”. It would make me think of something and recieve information instantly and it would raise an urge in me to read about a specific topic. It’s a urge like nothing else, something I can not control and never felt it before. Then, I would spend hours maybe or days (depending on how close I am to recieving the message) digging into the subject. Eventually I reach a point where I know that the whole message was downloaded and that there is nothing else to look for. It’s hard to understand that feeling if you never had it but I think the best word to describe it would be “saturation”, the knowing that “that’s it”. After finishing the whole process of recieving signs and knowledge through words there are always a few days (more or less sometimes) when I am really high on love, as I like to call it.

Overhearing conversations

This is another way of the Divinity to  get a message through. For example, the other day, I was walking down the corner shop and there were two ladies. I casually strolled past them and I overheard this: “You need to listen, even if you don’t agree. Listen, listen, listen.” It raised my interest straight away and got the chills instantly, which confirmed the message was for me. That day turned out to be an AMAZING one, flooded with lots of spiritual stuff. The night ended with a vision and plenty more information being downloaded, confirming again that what I heard was meant for me. After all, this is a big flaw of mine, I’ve noticed that sometimes, when I am really high on love, it is hard and frustrating for me to listen to different opinions. Claircognizance it’s something hard to explain or prove and it can get frustrating at times. 


Sometimes I get this urge to just go outside for a walk, by myself and recharge my soul. I would just sit down for ages and…sit. I mostly get charged next to water (Thank God I live next to a river, that’s cutting Bucharest in half). I would walk there every day and enjoy the sound of the water and the nature (that comes along with tiny birds that I don’t know the name of, frogs, ducks, seagulls, lizards and rats-lol). I find it to be an amazing experience that is lifting my vibrations big time and being one of my best ways to reconnect with higher and brighter energies. There you go, quick glimpse of the view where I go and relax.




Last but not least speaking gives me the biggest kick. By speaking I mean discussing spirtual topics with high-vibrational people, listening to one’s story and giving the proper Divine advice. I don’t think the advice comes from me, as a human, it’s more like someone is using my words to say the right things and pass on whatever the message is (like it’s using my hands when writing a poem). I have been speaking to Uber drivers about so many random things and I manytimes say things, get the chills and then realize that they don’t come from me. They are not in my head or in my logical part, they come from a much more higher level. I have always been a listener and would do that for a living if I could . I cry when someone shares a sad story with me or cry again, this time of joy, when I feel their excitment. I live every story that I am being told and every emotion that the teller is feeling.  I’ve notice that more and more people, strangers too, feel the need to sit down and talk to me, some of them sharing deep and personal stuff or asking me questions like I am holding the supreme answer, which I clearly don’t. Older people sometimes wonder why life is like this, why something bad happened to them, why their kids are mistreating them, why their are ill or poor and I somehow manage to lift their mood by saying what is meant for them to hear. My biggest increas of vibrations takes place when I speak to others, see them getting the chills too or even cry of joy. That is pure exctasy to me and there is no way of discribing it. I wish everyone could feel it at least once.

I will be back with a post about things or actions that decrease my vibrations in a second. What are your best ways of reaching higher vibrations or recharging your soul?

Feel loved and spread love ♥

Source of main picture: http://quotesgram.com/img/quotes-raise-your-vibration/5086379/