I am and always have been the type of person that’s in love with old things, places, buildings and people. Anything that holds some history is giving me the chills, good ones for sure. Regarding the old buildings in Bucharest, I keep walking past them everyday and dream about what could have been or happened there 50 years ago or more, depending of how old the place is. Do you sometimes do that too, spend countless minutes thinking of that and wishing you could know all the history of a place? I now know that walking around certain areas of my city is raising my vibration and encreasing my awakening. Who wouldn’t love a walk like that? 

Take a short walk with me in Bucharest and enjoy the views. 

Feel loved and spread love ❤️

Old city center 

Lovely pink clouds in the Old City center 

The making of “Lovely pink clouds in the Old City center”

Fountains in the heart of Bucharest