Have you ever wondered how life would be like if we could all have less or no Ego? If none of us would be jealous anymore, if we would forget how to hate and resent others, if we wouldn’t be envious anymore on other’s success? What if we wouldn’t be so desperate to become the best ones at something, even if that means hurting so many others? Just imagine that for a second. Wouldn’t life be so much better if we would all forget what our Ego is, if we could forgive others and ourselves?

Now go deeper and wonder where your Ego comes from. Does it come from your soul? Is the Ego the base of this Universe? Does love know what Ego is? What if God would have Ego and have a certain set of rules for us. Wouldn’t he get angry too? Wouldn’t he get “jealous” and resent us if we don’t stick to the rules? Does he do that? If Ego would be such a primordial thing in the Universe, as it is in our human lives, we wouldn’t even be here. Did you get to any conclusion yet? Well let me tell you my opinion about this enemy called “ego”.

Ego comes from the mind since we’ve excluded the possibility of the ego coming from the soul, from pure love. I am sure most of you had many times during your life when you’ve felt split between two choices you had to make. Your mind was leaning towards one choice and the soul towards the opposite. That’s just an example that we all hold both an ego and a soul. Easy so far, right? The decisions your soul would make can be considered irrational, crazy or risky most of the times. Some might be like that but others might just be perceived as being crazy by us, because we haven’t even met our soul yet. I am not saying you should start following your soul every time from now on, that would be like jumping in a pool and not knowing if it’s full of water or not. It would give you the same famous of fear.

Now the thing is, how do we manage to balance our mind and soul, to create a whole out of them and make our best decision?

Have you ever tried to meditate? Maybe not in the classical lotus position that you see all over the place (I’ve tried it and my ankles weren’t happy at all). Maybe that’s not for you, playing nature sounds on your computer and trying to find inner peace. Each of us has his own way of doing every single thing. Try finding your best way of relaxing, blocking the world out and start this wonderful journey of looking for and meeting your true self, your soul. Try being by yourself, in a place that you like, your room or even in a park that’s quiet. Sit with yourself and listen to the voice within. Not the one telling you to pay that bill, to fix your car, to call your friend, to do laundry and so on. All those thoughts are part of you but you can detach and just observe, without judging. Don’t get frustrated that your thoughts won’t stop coming at you. Realize that your mind does not want to rest and is doing all that thinking. After all, you’ve spent most of your awaken life using your mind. It’s hard to stop a machine that has been working for so many years. Try it for 10 minutes each day; I am sure we can all find that time, even if it’s right before falling asleep, no matter how busy we are. Sooner than you expect you will find joy in spending that time by yourself and with practice your mind will eventually give in. Don’t forget, our soul is meant to be stronger than anything else that is part of us. Just give it a chance to glow and it will “blind” you and everyone around you with bliss, happiness and love. 

Let me know the experiences you had during meditation and you are free to add any other ideas you might be having about this topic. 

Feel loved and spread love  ♥

Source of picture: https://ro.pinterest.com/pin/471259548479268400/