Sometimes I just wish I’m smaller,

I can’t face this world of sorrow.

Why do people fight each other

In a world that’s meant to blossom like a flower?

Look around and you’ll see why

I keep calling life a lie

We were born for bigger purpose

Not to kill, without remorses.

We are meant to help the ones

That can’t help themselves for once.

Put a smile on someone’s face,

Change a life with an embrace.

If you think of it like that

It might not mean a lot

But try feeling with your soul

And we’ll make this world a whole.

Drop your ego for a second,

Learn to love without mistaken

All the lessons from the books

That are useless to the noobs.

Master your self love and heal

All the baggage that you feel.

Only then you can decide

If you want to spread the light.

Light’s the only one we carry

In our soul, that is so merry.

That’s what we need to show, to the ones that still don’t know.

Watch the kids, they’re all around us

Look so small, annoy and bug us

But they’re the ones that hold the key

To the door we don’t even see.

Don’t be selfish, trying to change them

Let them live because they’re happy.

We’re the ones supposed to learn

From the purity of a newborn.

Every breath you take today

Might be taken by tomorrow.

Don’t let it be too late

Until you see the sorrow.