Sitting there on my bed, trying to shake off this flood of thoughts and feelings was hard work. I finally gave in and decided to go with whatever was happening even though that could mean the start of schizophrenia or something else, that I didn’t have a name for.

Watching my own life was the best movie I ever watched (please refer to 29 July 2016, my unwanted enlightenment). Suddenly I started crying, hysterical crying of joy.”Oh My God, I don’t want my mental health to end here” and then my mind was muted by an invisible force, that allowed to me accept the new downloading information, without judging it.

He was there, in front of me. His long, white hair, tied in a pony tail at the back. I got closer and had to stare, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any details and I was dying to know who this hippie-looking old man was. I was checking every detail of Him and thinking that it’s a funny hair to have for his age (around 60-70 I would say). He was wearing this cream-white robe, the type that usually Jesus is wearing in famous paintings. He was sitting on a huge chair, or more like a throne and I saw Him holding a stick?! in His right hand. I wanted to get even closer and zoom in on that stick, which I did. It looked like it was carved out of wood, with regular rounded shapes along it. A tall, white, wooden stick. To this day, I have no idea who I have been seeing and this is not the place for me to start a guessing game. I would love to know but maybe it’s not the right time yet. Oh, and my eyes were open during this whole time but the image was still there, I could see Him with my 3rd eye most probably, just to make that clear.

He looked so caring, comforting and loving and I knew He was there to help. I will also keep this post short because there are so, so many things to write about and I am still not able to arrange my words and write them all in a logical manner.

While I was zooming on him, I was pushed back again and had to listen to Him. I will use my best words and memory to portray the dialogue we had:

“You’ve called for help some time ago.”

Pause! I was never a religious, spiritual person, I was on the verge of atheism. I knew there is something bigger (aliens maybe) but I deeply disliked religion or people being religious. I’ve always thought life on Earth and us, humans, live like in a world of SIMS (you know, that game…) and that someone else is just looking down at us and making fun of how we chose to live). I could never understand how people think there is a God, while others are starving, or being bombed or dying under ruins of earthquakes and so on. I was the type thinking “People only invent God when they lost hope and get so desperate that they need to seek comfort in something else”. But, a few weeks prior to this even, I got an email from my mother (she was my opposite) and it was something about Angels. She knew I wouldn’t read that “crap” but she sent it anyway. I was just telling her weeks before to stop spamming me with her nonsense. One night, out of boredom, if you’ve asked me back then, I opened the email and found my Guarding Angel, according to my birthdate. What did I have to lose? I gave it a try. I keep saying I never prayed in my life but that time, I said things from the bottom of my heart: “Please show me my right path and give me strength to follow it.” I never thought of THIS PATH, I just had some romantical and financial dilemmas. Weeks passed and I completely forgot the incident.

“Look at your life, you did so many things, most of them were considered bad by yourself. Don’t think like that. Can’t you see you’ve learnt a lesson from each experience? I’ve sent you in each person’s that you’ve met life so that you can make it brighter. You might not have seen it but you did that. You have the power to be hurt and heal, like few of you do, without carrying that emotional baggage with you. You took everyone’s pain and turned it into something good. You’ve changed each person that was in your life and when your mission was over, you moved to another one.”

“No wonder I have no friends…I thought I was borderline or something.”

A divine smile hit me. Ok, so I am losing my mind here and this old man keeps smiling. Is he playing jokes on me? Is my mind playing tricks on me? Oh God, please, I don’t want to go insane! But, in response, I was shocked to receive  an insight of my own life, with visuals too. And then I saw my life in a complete manner, like someone changed the filter of the camera which was used to shoot this movie, called “Your ignorant life”.

“You have now learnt that you can’t change anyone and you are ready to go on now, on this journey. That’s the last lesson you have to learn.”

“Wait, what? Am I going to die now?”

He smiled again, like no one before and filled me with more love and more tears have risen to my eyes.

“No, you are going to change the world.”

What on Earth, this most be worse than schizophrenia if I now think that I am going to change the world. And he smiled again.

“You need to follow your mission. It will be hard, with many ups and downs, and you will have many struggles go through but it will feel amazing when you’ll see the impact that you can have on this planet. ”

“Ok…so what do I need to do?”

“I can’t tell you yet, you will know that in a few more months. Besides that, there will be a break from this, for a few days.”

“Ok…but why?”

He smiled again, dismissed my question and continued. I didn’t take it serious, but that’s exactly what happened: there were around 3-4 days back in darkness (quick note: because I made the wrong choices of unhealthy habits).

“I have sent you so many signs during your past 27 years and you never managed to decode them.” (and then He pointed out each of them, with visual images again). “Even your tattoos, how could you miss the signs?” and he laughed.

Bummer, I wanted to know my exact mission so I’ve literally rolled my eyes at Him (all 3 of them). He smiled again. Our conversation went on for that night and I’ve spent that weekend finding out who I now am. He made me Google (He is modern, isn’t He?) things that I never even heard of (lightworker for example-a word that I’ve never heard before or read anywhere) and every time He wanted me to know that I am reading what I was supposed to read He gave me chills and more tears of joy. That was and still is our subtle way of communicating, He tells me that I am doing the correct thing, that I am reading the truth or that he is using me to send a message (both written and spoken).

I will tell you even more in my future post. I kept wondering why I needed a few days off, it was so intense and I have never been so happy in my life but I had to see for myself how bumpy this road can be. Love and inner peace didn’t just strike me with no effort, it was a lot of work on my side to be done too and I am still downloading knowings and trying hard to follow my path.

During that weekend, besides having my life change right in front of my eyes, having my beliefs shaken and wiped away, being physically exhausted from lack of sleep and happy crying I became a complete different person that knew so many new things. Yes, I know things now. That was so hard to explain to the people I spoke to during that weekend and it was hard for myself to get my head around it. But now, I know things, without any logical explanation. I found out recently that it’s called claircognizance, I knew and know things that are not meant to be judged by me. I am here just to send the message to others and help bring love back into this planet.

Some of the things I know since that weekend:

I  know that we are all one

I know that this planet is so hurt

I know that people are so unhappy, busy living their human lives, working hard for money and missing out on the Divine life and Soul that we all carry

I know society breaks people’s souls, like it did with mine too

I know there is a lot of hope and, believe it or not, this world will turn for it’s best very soon

I know that I and many more, will help this planet and it’s inhabitants heal

I know we will remind humans how to love unconditionally

I know that changing others is our biggest mistake. That is the supreme rule or lesson, whatever you want to call it, that has been sent to me. I have been told that all our problems start from that one flaw we have: or selfishness of trying to change others to make them fit our own needs. I know that so many people die because of religion based wars, I know that many hearts are broken because of that and I know that it is the most unhappy, unhealthy and un-divine thing that we could do. Each of us has a path to follow and it’s not for us to judge or change their way and direction. What could look wrong to us, could be the exact thing that person needs. That could be an experience that will make him  learn a lesson.

I guess this wasn’t a short post, after all 🙂 Please let me know if you had similar experiences, what your opinion is or any insights you might have about my experience. I would love to hear from all of you  ♥ ♥ ♥

Feel loved and keep loving  ♥